One Town Projects

Here are some of the projects that One Town is currently working as well as a list of projects for the future.

Ongoing & Current Projects

  • Walk to School Program – The Walking School Bus at Wrightwood Elementary consists of four walking routes, each led by trained parent volunteers. Each route is approximately 1-2 miles long and there are several scheduled “bus stops” along the way. These stops are pre-arranged locations with set times for pickup just like regular school bus stops. Participating children can join the WSB route at any of the bus stops anywhere along the route. Walking school buses provide many benefits. Children receive exercise as they socialize on their way to school. This buffer zone, between the home and the school, enables children to have a fun way to prepare for the day ahead of them and burn calories at the same time. The WSB at Wrightwood Elementary began in the Spring of 2013. Currently, there are over 100 children registered in the WSB, with approximately 50 children walking every day of the school year. For information on the Wrightwood WSB visit the Walking School Bus Page and for additional information visit the Safe Routes to School programs website.

  • Fund education and related board (living expenses) of persons who will in turn commit to giving back to the town and school of their origin in the future when they are able (perhaps through this same organization). In this way we can address future leadership one person at a time. Applicants within a school or town that the organization has decided to fund will be encouraged to apply and applications will be voted on by the board. For more information go to the Scholarship & Grants page or visit the FAQ’s page.

  • Community Garden Grants and Workshops

  • Wind Turbine Project – One Town has shown that an efficient turbine could produce most of Wrightwood’s residential electricity. This project is fully funded and could significantly help offset Wrightwood’s carbon production.

  • To fund renewable energy sources for a single town or towns to reduce/eliminate dependence on non-renewable sources.

  • Mountain Music – The quaint community of Wrightwood, California, nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains, is thriving with musicians and music enthusiasts. Mountain Music’s purpose is to introduce and highlight local talents and promote the latest community musical events.