Our Mission:

One Town was founded in order to solve problems of sustainability on a local, one-town-at-a-time level. We are beginning with the town of Wrightwood, California. Sustainability means supporting the systems in a community that keep it healthy, and provide its longevity. Sustainability also means promoting the health, environment, welfare and happiness of people in a community. One Town is committed to supporting this goal in the town of Wrightwood and also on a case by case basis in other towns and countries where One Town feels it can make a significant impact.

Take the time to explore our site and discover the different ways that we are contributing to the local community as well as communities abroad, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

Ways We’re Contributing to Our Local Community

Latest News

2212, 2016

Canadian Town going carbon neutral!

Read how one town in Canada has made great strides in becoming a carbon neutral town: http://www.goingcarbonneutral.ca/index.cfm?page=Home

2212, 2016

How building ecosystems with gardens can heal the planet

Watch the trailer for the film "Inhabit": http://inhabitfilm.com/

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