Community Garden

The Wrightwood Community Garden is a community project supported by One Town as it continues its efforts to support the idea of a self-sustaining community. A workshop series has been sponsored by One Town to nurture and support the efforts of gardeners in the Wrightwood community.

About The Garden

The WCG has 40 garden members who pay $10 annually for their plot. Each plot is 4′ x 10′. The garden is open year round to WCG members and open to the public during daylight hours. In April – October local schools tend one large school plot for free.

One Town has donated the plot boxes, soil, water and tools to WCG members. Members are responsible for planting and tending their own garden and making sure the garden does not fall into disrepair. The garden is open during the winter to those who wish to garden during that season. All others must sign out at the end of the Fall gardening season, and are given the same plot again at the beginning of the Spring season.

The plot boxes are not allowed to be altered except for by approval of the Garden Coordinator or in compliance with alterations listed in the WCG Rules. A waiting list is in effect due to the popularity of the garden.

To be added to the waiting list please email the Garden Coordinator. For more information about the workshop series please email the Garden Coordinator.

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