One Town is located in the small town of Wrightwood. Wrightwood has a population of approximately 5,000 people.
Wrightwood is separated from the surrounding communities on all sides by mountains. It is serviced by three major
roads which serve as arteries in and out of the town. Wrightwood is an unincorporated town, with no government
representation other than the County government. Wrightwood residents do not receive mail at their houses due to the
rural nature of our town. Needless to say Wrightwood is a unique town in a unique rural setting within the largest
county in America, San Bernardino County. Wrightwood is so small that tragic accidents, deaths and other unfortunate
incidents do not remain secret for long. Most events that affect our residents are announced by word of mouth, and
this is how most requests for assistance reach our Board.

Yes, please review our submission guidelines.

All grants, donations, scholarships and other gifts shall be reviewed after receipt by the selection committee. The
selection committee is comprised of One Town Board members.

One Town uses a combination of merit and need to review submissions. Requests for assistance to events such as
accidents, deaths and other unfortunate incidents.

If a bread-winning family member has been injured or killed in an accident or due to other tragic circumstances you
may submit a request for assistance.

Students who have lived in Wrightwood may apply for a scholarship for college or trade school, if,

  1. the cumulative GPA during their junior year is over 3.6
  2. their major will be in the sciences, technology and/or health related and
  3. longterm goals are to give back to the Wrightwood community through projects that will contribute to the
    development of training programs and/or jobs available to Wrightwood residents in the following fields:
    sustainability/green jobs, medical, technology, engineering, or other field that falls within this rubric.

You may submit a request for assistance, a grant for a local project, scholarships and gifts to info@onetownatatime.org.

All submissions should be in essay form, no longer than 1,000 words. Please include in your essay your reasons for
seeking scholarship, your long term goals, your ideas for giving back to Wrightwood, and your ability to succeed.

The scholarship committee will review requests for scholarships twice a year, in the February and September. Once a
determination is made, the applicant will be contacted.

Yes. All recipients of One Town scholarships must remain in good academic standing with their respective schools. In
addition, proof of maintaining an avg above 3.0 must be submitted no later than 1 month into the subsequent quarter
or semester after grades are announced.

Please scan and email an official copy of your grades to info@onetownatatime.org. If necessary, One Town reserves
the right to verify the recipients grades.